8 beautiful traditional Asian-styled iPhone themes

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This collection of stylish and beautiful Asian-styled iPhone themes feature Asian-inspired icons such as teapots, abacuses, the Chinese zodiac and traditional books.

1. Five-starred

If you are willing and wanting to poke some fun at Mao and communism, this iPhone theme is a kitsch and colourful way to dress up your phone.

2. Chinese trend

This simple theme has gorgeous Chinese-themed icons that will transport your iPhone screen into a zen zone.

3. China wind

This very popular dark iPhone theme has beautifully detailed icons depicting traditional Chinese symbols and objects.

4. Ink painting

For something a little more abstract, skin your iPhone with this Chinese-inspired ink painting theme set in monotone.

5. China mood

This is another clean and simple theme with gorgeous Chinese-themed icons to grace your iPhone screen.

6. Chinese paper cut pattern

Just in time for Chinese New Year, this sleek iPhone theme features red paper cutouts of animals of the Chinese zodiac, Chinese characters and various symbolic patterns.

7. Made in Japan

This iPhone theme features various traditional Japanese symbols and objects, which are both stylish and cute.

8. Yoritsuki

This popular Japanese-inspired iPhone theme is entirely beautiful with rich colours, slick icons and a fresh oriental air.

I hope you have enjoyed these cute and colourful iPhone themes. This is the second in a three-part series. For more Asian-inspired iPhone themes see:

Installation notes:

These iPhone themes can be installed onto phones which have been jail broken. For information about how to jail break your phone, see this guide from Gizmodo ‘How To: Jailbreak Any iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad‘.

Once your phone is jail broken, installation of themes is very easy. Instructions and tutorials on installing these themes can found be on the iThemeSky tutorials page.

Author notes:
The author does not recommend or condone jail breaking your iPhone nor can we offer any advice on the matter. Please conduct your own research and reading.

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